Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs

We’re here to help you identify and eradicate any signs of bed bugs as quickly and affordably as possible.

The resurgence of bed bugs has created significant concern in the pest management industry and in society overall. Controlling, let alone eradicating, this pest is extremely difficult. To ensure industry professionals have the best possible guidance on controlling bed bugs effectively, responsibly and safely, created Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs (BMPs), guidelines developed by industry professionals, regulators, academics, and entomologists. In addition to helping industry professionals, the guidelines are useful to consumers so that they can understand what they should expect in working with trained pest management professionals for problems associated with bed bugs. Rest assured, bed bugs can be treated but proper management will involve an effective partnership between a pest professional and customer.

Stop Living in Fear of Bed Bugs

While we understand that bed bugs can be a serious issue we’re here to help make them as easy to deal with as possible. Start by identifying the problem using our free online guides.

Identifying Bed Bug Infestation was created to help you not only eradicate but identify not only when bed bugs may be a problem but where they came from and how to stop it from happening in the future.

Start by locating the source and stopping the spread of bed bugs today using our online guides.

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Identify Furniture Infestations

Learn how to easily tell if your next hotel or rental home has bed bugs before unpacking and making yourself at home. If you unpack and get comfortable you have a much higher risk of your clothing and personal belongings to become infested, learn what to look for before setting yourself or your family up for disaster.

Bed Bugs Don't Have To Control Your Life

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Learn How To Keep Your Space Safe

Our bed bug quick check guide can help in quickly denitrifying a bed bug infestation. We suggest reviewing it and downloading a copy for future reference when traveling. Best Management Practices Guide

Check out the Best Management Practices Guide for Bed Bug to learn more today!

Bed Bug Bites

"Bed Bugs can cause Cimicosis (the medical condition of having been bitten by bedbugs) as well as damage property." is pleased to offer a consumer friendly version of Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs for Industry Professionals as well as the public.

You will find the full version here, and a summary of what the guide contains below. If you believe you may have bed bugs or would just like to understand more about how inspections and treatment are performed, you will find the resources offered very valuable educational tools.

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Unlike some parasitic insects, bed bugs aren’t carriers for infectious diseases. However, that doesn’t mean that these pests can’t leave you feeling ill. 

Bed bugs aren’t just uncomfortable; they’re downright nasty. Unfortunately, the untrained eye can confuse the bites of bed bugs with bites from other insects, especially mosquitoes. 

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The common assumption is that bed bugs reside within your mattress or bed sheets. This means when you lie down on a bed, you are going to attract these bed bugs.