Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair

The common assumption is that bed bugs reside within your mattress or bed sheets.

This means when you lie down on a bed, you are going to attract these bed bugs and deal with the unwanted issues that pop up along the way. However, is it possible for bed bugs to live in other places including your hair?

Here’s a detailed look into how bed bugs live and what happens when it comes to them living in your hair.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair?

Let’s answer the main question because this has to be addressed right away.

In general, a bed bug is not going to “live” in your hair because it can’t. Why is this the case? The reason a bed bug can’t live in your hair has to do with its biological disposition, which means it isn’t capable of sticking to your hair for long periods. Instead, the only time you are going to have a bed bug settled into your hair is when it hops on and moves from one place to another. This is the only way a bed bug is ever going to be present in your hair and it likely won’t be for too long especially when you begin to move around.

Bed bugs don’t have a claw-like build that allows them to hang onto your scalp or hair. This is why it is unlikely for them to reside on your scalp for long periods.

What if you are still feeling something crawling around on your head? What if you are feeling itchy throughout the day and feel like bed bugs have started to crawl onto your body and/or hair?

Well, this is a feeling many people deal with especially when they are aware of bed bugs being present around them. In most cases, it is not going to be bed bugs that are lingering in your hair and it might end up being something else like lice or fleas. It’s easy to confuse bed bugs with lice or fleas because you aren’t going to find it easy to take a look at your hair.

However, if you do feel like there is something on your head, it is important to take a hot shower. This is going to help get rid of the lice, bed bugs, or fleas that are spending time in your hair.

Don’t Use Insecticides On Your Hair

What can a person do if it becomes obvious bed bugs are starting to crawl onto your skin? Is there a way to get rid of them using an insecticide? While it is okay to use a bed bug spray or powder to get rid of bed bugs, it is not okay to use it on your body. This is dangerous and it is something you shouldn’t be thinking about when it comes to your health. Instead, it is better to look at going with a solution that removes bed bugs from your home permanently.

This is the only time you are going to start using insecticides at home. Otherwise, you don’t want to use the insecticide on your body regardless of what you are feeling.

This is unsafe and is not how the insecticide is designed to be used.

Focus on the Root Cause

Do you know what the root cause is?

Bed bugs are going to be present around the house and that is where your focus should be. In most situations, you are going to want to take a look at your mattresses to see where the bed bugs are lying. You will start to notice them around the house and that is where you have to start using well-formulated products such as sprays or powders.

You will want to read the instructions on the bed bug spray or powder and start to use it in the target area(s) around your house. This is the only way to get rid of them as safely as possible without having to call a professional.

When you do eliminate them, you will start to notice issues such as getting them in your hair go away too. This is a win-win and it is the only approach a person should be taking when it comes to a predicament such as this.

Take a Hot Shower

What happens when there are a few lingering bed bugs that have found their way into your hair? What are your options without having to spray yourself with an insecticide?

The only option that is going to work well will be to take a hot shower. This is going to help wash out the bed bugs right away. Remember, bed bugs don’t have a claw-like design that is going to allow them to hook into place on your scalp. Instead, they are easily going to wash away as soon as the hot water runs over your head.

The same applies to any other part of your body that appears to have bed bugs on it.

While taking a hot shower, it is recommended to use shampoo to get rid of the bed bugs. This is going to ensure your hair is fully cleaned and nothing is left behind when it comes to bed bugs.

You should also take the opportunity to wash all of your clothes and make sure anything that has been in contact with bed bugs is washed. This is the only way you are not going to end up finding more bed bugs on your body throughout the day. Be proactive and watch everything as soon as you can to get rid of the bed bugs.

Final Thoughts

It’s highly recommended to seek a well-formulated solution to help counteract the presence of bed bugs. These can become quite challenging to deal with if you aren’t using the right type of spray or powder. By finding a world-class bed bug solution to get rid of the problem, you are going to ensure everything works out as planned and you stay safe over the long-term.

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